Since I last posted, I have been renovating, creating bespoke shop fittings for a jewellery store in Newtown (Inner Sydney) as well as our new outlet in the Blue Mountains and trying to get some guitar practice in!

Steampunk at Victory Theatre Antiques Centre

We have created a great space in the Blue Mountains (an hour west of Sydney) to start selling my steampunk items. We’ve received requests for commissioned pieces by a number of people.  I am hoping to have the first few pieces in the next few weeks which I will post here.

The space? The Victory Theatre Antiques Centre in Blackheath. We’ll be trading from a lovely space upstairs under the stall name FRE. The space will be a mix of Steampunk items arrayed against vintage glasswares – and we’ll be featuring stunning old bars and bar accoutrements as well.


1. I am a Magician who does bar magic shows so the marriage of the bar atmosphere along with the steampunk items I make seems to be a good fit.

2. My partner Lisa writes musical, cabarets and the magic shows I do (bar and stage) so it’s a good idea to recycle the props we collect and create after we’ve used them for shows!

A Little History of the Victory Theatre Antiques Centre

The building was originally called Neate’s Hall when it was built in 1915. It was re-named the Arcadia Picture Palace when it opened in 1921 as a 999-seat cinema. It really is an outstanding example of early Australian country-cinema architecture.

It closed in the 1960’s because of falling attendance. It was then variously used as an ice-skating rink, for receptions of various kinds, for public meetings and old fashioned socials. For a time, it even became a peg factory and then a seat belt manufacturing plant.

In 1977 it was leased as a junkyard then, after refurbishment, it has traded in its current manifestation as a major antique retail centre. Today, with its magnificent Jenny Kee designed community mural along the length of the building, the Victory Theatre has deservedly become a Blue Mountains landmark and tourist destination. It’s ground floor and the peanut gallery are still intact; I encourage you to take a look!

Here’s their website:

Please stay tuned and if you are creating anything; I would love to hear about it!