My partner Lisa managed to find 11 beautiful 1930’s and 1940’s clock cases at an auction and she couldn’t go past them! Bless her rubbery mind for intuitively knowing that I would have a use for these and her kind arms for carting all her finds from the auction house back to my Workshop.

(BTW, I think I should have a name for my workshop. Any suggestions?)

Full disclosure: the clock cases Lisa found were completely empty. That is, they were devoid of any clock parts and interior workings of any kind. To be honest, it seems a little wrong to pull apart perfectly good clocks (even if they are a little difficult as well as expensive to repair – and good luck finding a clock maker who repairs them).  So, glad to find these grand old cases in need of a good re-imagining.

So…I am repurposing these old clock cases into a newly devised design I’ve come up with: a digital music device player/charging station. Behold: ‘Sir Round-a-Sound’ players are about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world!

‘Sir Round-a-Sound’ players are contraptions to dock your smartphone into.  This is the prototype which is still in the making.  It will have the option of a steampunk remote control and it will charge your phone at the same time as playing albums, artist selections and playlists you load from your device.

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