Making steampunk artefacts that are sustainable led us to posting one of our Sir Round-A-Sounds on The Good Hood. 

The idea of The Good Hood is simple: when you do something ‘good’– anything from upcycling to recycling to growing herbs in the garden – you can take a picture of it and upload it to the Sydney online map, which marks it. The online map then shows you all the ‘good’ things that other people are doing to make Sydney a better place.
“It grows civic pride, as well as serving as a hub for inspiration for new sustainable projects to try,” says sustainability marketing campaign officer Kylie Boyd.
You can add your picture using Instagram and the appropriate hashtags, filter your searches to highlight specific interests and more recently you can search for sustainable businesses in your local area.

If you love/like my steampunk artefacts please go to the Good Hood and like/tweet it – thanks!