I have now added a few directional lights to the Steampunk Display Cabinet.  They create an ambience all on their own! In fact, I’m getting a distinct ‘gothic’ feel from the cabinet.

What about you? As a maker, I’m one of those people who don’t generally sketch things out on paper, I start working on building something based on an idea in my mind and then, as I progress, the piece kind of tells me the next steps.

Makers Unite! Our Processes are ALL GOOD!

This mode of creation drives some people around the twist (I’m looking at you, Lisa Sampson) and it is often the source of tension in shared creative endeavours. That being said, I spoke to a sculptor friend of mine – Anna Pye – recently and I was interested to learn that though she does trace out her Celtic Knots at the outset, when she actually sculpts the knots into stone, there is a point where the stone starts to ‘sing’ to her. It’s an unmistakable sign she gets that she is moving in the right direction and that the stone is telling her what needs to happen next.

Now because I find Anna’s work really inspiring, let me share some photographs of her creations in Willowtree Sculpture Garden, a 2 1/2 acre country sculpture garden which she owns and has built from scratch with her partner, Rachel Mayne:

And here’s a link to their website:

Willowtree Sculpture Garden

Full of superb outdoor sculpture by the best established and emerging international artists working in a variety of media, it’s open to the public with a new exhibition opening each November. Go and visit! It’s located at:

2 Redground Heights Road, Laggan, NSW Australia