iPhonograph ‘Chrome’ is a special commission indeed. Made as a surprise for two dear friends who are themselves creative chameleons, I was keen to respond to the aesthetic they’ve created in their home which is light, filled with many original Australian and other artworks and which is surrounded by the luscious, immaculately kept garden they have designed, built and filled with many rare plants.

The chrome horn gave me a strong starting point. The masculine yet flamboyant lines spoke to these friends’ personalities so eloquently.

After vigorous sanding to remove the marks, stains and badly varnished wood of a minimally embellished 1940’s cutlery box, I then proceeded to stain the wood with a mahogany stain. Here are the results.

This piece is truly ’emerging’ as I go. Whilst this is a solid start, tune in again to see where I go from here!