Here you will get to see how my Steampunk Entertainment System works.

Unlike most electronic gadgets, I like to see things move when you press a switch.  I want my gadgets to come alive and let you know that yes, they are ready to do whatever you ask and with style.

When I create my Steampunk artefacts, I like to make sure that they are not only functional but entertaining to work with.

Somehow most electronics has become boring and most people can’t wait for the latest and greatest so they can swap last years model.

What if you had something beautiful to look at and functional that you would want to keep it?

A timeless artefact.

The electronics can always be updated but a classic remains a classic.

Even if Steampunk isn’t your ‘thing’ it could be applied to any functional piece of equipment that you currently enjoy at the moment and made to look like it came from a different time.

The SES that I have created here works as my guitar amplifier as well as my entertainment system.  You can see the iPad fits comfortably into the space where the old radio dial used to be.  (I was give this cabinet, which was empty, to do something with.  It was in very bad shape so I had to revive the cabinet to make it what it is now).

It has a beautiful sound and is fun to work with.  It is certainly a conversation piece.