It was a real honour to see that the Blue Mountains City Council chose the Steampunk iPhonograph to headline their congratulatory message to all winners in the Blue Mountains ‘Waste To Art’ competition.

Thought I’d better clip and save it in order to remind myself it wasn’t just a dream!

Ode to the Makers
Seriously, though, I know many of you who take the time to visit this blog are makers. When we receive recognition for our work, it is a real shot in the arm. Inevitably,- unless you’re independently wealthy – you’re often making these in a home workshop. So here’s to all of you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making things at the kitchen table or in the corner of a garage surrounded by old kids’ bikes. What matters is that you’re making.
Makers can be at the vanguard of the sustainability movement. It just requires us to think about our values and what we choose to use in our art. I personally believe that handmade items are more valued, stay in use longer and thereby help buck the trend towards built-in obsolescence. 
I encourage you to look at your own artisan practice and the materials you use. Do you have to buy virgin materials or is it possible (or even preferable?) to utilise existing items that would otherwise be discarded? I’ve found that re-used materials are generally more interesting. And you’re doing a good thing for the planet by using them, too!
And…don’t forget to shop for handmade items. Etsy is a great place to start. I know lots of people shop for individual gifts and personal items on there. The next stage is getting more corporate players to use Etsy style principles in their sourcing. Let’s keep sharing the maker bug in our communities, making what we have to offer the most attractive + sane option for the future of our fragile, beautiful planet.