When you’re a professional artist who gets paid or commissioned by people to produce a work, people tend to think the artist knows everything about their practice. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, I think being an artist is all about experimentation, about admitting I don’t know things and constantly learning.

Possibly more than other artists, multi-media artists tend to embrace this vision. Why? Well, as they work in a range of media – using tools and techniques with which they may have little to no professional training in – the love of the unknown and of experimentation becomes its own motivation towards completing an inspired work of art. That’s exactly the point I came to when needing to put a metal ‘badge’ on a piece of work that was very specific to the client commissioning the piece of work. Given the shape and molding required for the commissioned piece and my relative lack of experience in casting metal, I did some research. And I found this!

Hope you find this as interesting as I did!


What this process also demonstrates is that inspiration and learning often don’t come by researching EXACTLY what you may be interested in but by researching tangential items.

Don’t forget to think outside the square every day! Cheers and hope you drop by again.