If you’ve been reading our blog for some time, you’ll be aware that we make a habit of contributing Steampunk pieces to worthy charities for them to offer as auction pieces so as to raise money. In 2013, we’ve chosen to donate the Portasound iPhonograph to Centenary Institute.

Centenary Institute is a world class medical research institute investigating causes and cures in three key areas: cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

By donating the Portsound iPhonograph, we ensure that the income derived by Centenary Institute from auctioning off our pieces can be directed by the organisation into the areas of need identified by its dedicated staff. It is a gift we are honoured to make as it not only recognises need, it recognises the expertise and strategic intent of cutting edge research. It is a show of faith in Centenary’s expertise – beyond the vetting involved in the awarding of government and philanthropic grants. 

Link to Centenary Institute to hear Portasound iPhonograph play and see what research into cancer is being done by this wonderful institution.

The lucky bidder is Rachel with the Portasound iPhonograph’s creator, TheGallantMan from SteampunkWayOfLife (aka Michael Greensmith).

So here’s to doing good in our community. And most importantly, to people who survive cancer to spend more time with their families and friends living well.