I located a circa 1960’s vintage miniature mantle clock (minus it’s insides) and thought I’d fashion a nifty little audio device incorporating a working clock.  As you can see, the clock dial needs a bit of a facelift.

The clock is a quartz battery driven clock I found at a flea market.  The workings are easy enough to replace with a new mechanism – no one will know!

You can see that the wood has been cleaned and waxed back to it’s original lustre.

My plans? The clock face will be hinged to swing out which will reveal a speaker behind.  The phone will be plugged into the top via a snazzy little cradle.  The phone can be charged while playing music so no need to worry about running out of charge!

Check back in to see the finished piece. I’m envisaging an understated, low amp piece for use in an intimate space such as a bedroom. Imagine waking up to your iPhone playing through this every morning…