On Saturday night I attended Captain Nemo’s Masked ball!  I wasn’t able to book in for the ball and meal package so only attended the ball.  Apparently I hadn’t missed anything with the meal provided.

On entering the venue, the Headway Hotel in Morecambe, Lancashire, I was greeted by many splendidly dressed (I hope you are getting the ‘theme’ of this weekend?) Ladies and Gentlemen!   My ears were assailed with some fine music coming from the back of the Hotel.  There is a large dance floor in front of the stage with a fully stocked bar to the left serviced by ‘men from the future’.  I quickly grab a glass of ale of the more international taste, Carlsberg, the preferred drink of my father!

Turning to the back of the Hotel are a number of tables scattered around the edges with diners eating the last remnants of the dinner I had not been allowed to partake of.

Captain Nemo’s Masked Ball at the Headway Hotel

Turning back towards the stage there are two well dressed performers engaging the audience with their music and repartee.  I was enthralled, the music was lively and I noticed that my hips were gently gyrating which I quickly brought under control.  Not a gentlemanly thing to do!  But as soon as I got my hips under control my foot started tapping, apparently to the beat of the music.  This was too much to bear so I took a large swig of the golden nector!  This seemed to aggravate the situation, I found that not only were my hips gyrating and my foot tapping, I was moving towards the dance floor.  Of course I immediately turned back towards the bar and took another swig of that fine ale.  But it made matters worse not better!  What was going on?! I stepped onto the dance floor and lost control and joined another group of people who showed no self control!

The band, I hear you ask?  Who are they?  I had it on good authority they were called Victor and the Bully.  One had a guitar and the other a ukele, both were masters of the singing voice!  These were no ordinary gentlemen, these were entertainers of the highest order!

At some point my body spoke of perhaps slowing down and taking a break from these gyrations I had so foolishly given in to.  I couldn’t argue with this logic and headed back to the bar a little breathless.

Victor and the Bully

Quaffing more ale and enjoying this splendid (there’s that word again!) mixture of music and repartee, I decide to watch from the bar having made a perfect spectacle of myself from which I have very little hope of recovery from!

Not long afterwards we are introduced to a Canadian band by the name of the New Jacobin Club!  A friendly bunch of musicians, with guitarist, cellist, drummer, singer/theremin player and keyboards.

The New Jacobin Club

Included with their music one of the performers showed us how to balance a sabre (this was big!) on their head, then later danced with a ring of fire.  Soon after we were entertained with her coming back with extended fingers all aflame which she doused in her mouth….ouch!  The entertainment continued long into the early morning at which time I had to bid everyone a fair adieu!

Climbing back up to my ivory tower I promptly fall into bed with uninterrupted sleep……zzzzzzz!

More to come…..the Sunday gig!