I owe my gratitude to the organiser of this splendid event: Rob Bracewell!  This man is a ball of energy, a driving force to be reckoned with and ever helpful and quick of wit!

Rob Bracewell & Michael Greensmith
The following morning I was beguiled by the Palace of Curiosities!  Our hosts entertained and told stories that bent our ears, they had Vincent Van Gogh’s other ear!  You could buy fresh tinned Mermaid from Tesco, I believe they are Dolphin safe but I didn’t check that out, I’ll be sure to ask but they said all questions will be answered 2 days after they have left, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one!  There were many wonders to behold!  Apparently they have a device that generates electricity and they showed us a working light bulb, bringing the sun into your home!  They said that we would have this new fangled technology into every home within the next 100 years……I had to laugh!  Snake oil salesmen!
Fresh tinned mermaid
Entering the hall I paid my entry fee and was stamped on the hand which would allow me entry all day.  The hall was packed with finely dressed people from all over the world.  There were magicians, musicians, street performers, stalls and food.
Ian from Verne Industries
The first stall I came across was Verne Industries, established 1848.  Ian (The owner) sold wonders to behold! I had to buy the Profainomatic which scans the room for bad language and teases it out of the air compressing it into two aluminium containment vessels and when full you can call one his technicians to empty the containers.  

Another stall run by Raychel from ‘Angels from Demons’ offered beautifully created steampunk dolls, each one hand crafted with hours of dedication at very reasonable prices! 

Here are some of the many finely dressed gentlemen and ladies at the event:

Tomorrow I will cover Captain Nemo’s Masked Ball…be sure to catch up!  The entertainment was WOW!