Captain Nemo’s Masked Ball

On Saturday night I attended Captain Nemo’s Masked ball!  I wasn’t able to book in for the ball and meal package so only attended the ball.  Apparently I hadn’t missed …
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The Fayre at Morecambe!

I owe my gratitude to the organiser of this splendid event: Rob Bracewell!  This man is a ball of energy, a driving force to be reckoned with and ever helpful …
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Have you met Ziggatino?

Last night I went to Krak’n Night Out.  It was held in the Hothouse in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK.  I was told it would be a casual night and not to …
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Tomorrow I will be attending Morecambe’s Steampunk Festival

I have arrived in Morecambe, Lancashire, England.  They are perparing the old railway station, called the Platform, in readiness for the Steampunk Festival.  This is their third year and each …
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Steampunk -Splendid Day Out -happening in Morcambe in the UK!

I am going to this at the end of this month – May, 2016 – and am looking forward to it.  It will be the first ever Steampunk festival I …
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My first, original, iPhongraph…

Just a quick update..make your own iPhonograph..instructions in the Big Book of HacksYou will find details on how to make your own iPhonographin the Big Book of Hacks…click the picture …
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Sir Round-a-Sound — Little Heart

This little beauty plays iPods (with a lightning connector) and also USB sticks!

The shiny buttons on the front are for volume control.  What you can’t see below the …
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Long horns are back!…..

Can anyone think of a good steampunk use for these?  They’ve been cleaned up now and are glistening chrome.

Adding the iPad

I have now included the iPad and controls (not shown) which are functioning very well.